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                Kids Ergonomic Chairs (1)

                Happy Wings Ergonomic Grey OrthoBack Kids Chair

                1 Year Warranty on Manufacturer Defects

                Best Kids Ergonomic Chairs In Singapore

                Healthy posture starts from young, so it’s essential to get your kids on the right track with a good kids ergonomic chair. Atwood’s Happy Wings Kids Chair is fitted with features to support your child’s posture and spine throughout their day.

                How do I choose a good ergonomic chair for kids?

                Similar to choosing an ergonomic office chair for adults, an ergonomic chair for kids should provide ample lower back and lumbar support. The chair should be comfortable to sit on for long periods of time, and gently correct or encourage a proper sitting posture to prevent back and muscle aches.

                What makes Atwood’s ergonomic chair for kids unique?

                Essential ergonomic support

                Atwood’s ergonomic chair for kids is specially designed with the needs of young and school-going children in mind. The chair has a signature dual-panel split backrest in the shape of butterfly wings for ergonomic support and flexibility. The unique shape allows the panels to contour to the child’s back, and there are ports within to minimize contact with the spine and alleviate pressure. Each panel can move independently, correcting poor posture and reducing lower back pressure even if your child gets restless or fidgety.

                Bonus features for comfort

                For added comfort, this ergonomic chair has a unique two-way ventilation system, with 166 ports on both panels for breathability - perfect for the Singapore heat. The swivel chair even comes with a padded seat so your child is comfortable during their study sessions.

                Grows with your child

                Atwood’s ergonomic chair for kids is suitable for long-term use, with heavy duty twin-wheel castors that have been standard tested and approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Business + Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA). The chair’s back can even extend up to 900cm, making it suitable for your child’s schooling journey throughout the years.

                Get your child the best ergonomic chair for kids today

                Get in touch with us to visit our showroom today. Bring your family down and try out Atwood’s ergonomic chairs to see the difference!

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