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                Best Ergonomic Folding Chairs in Singapore (1)

                The Healing Chair E1538 Ortho Back Folding Chair (1 Year Limited Warranty)

                1 Year Warranty on Manufacturer Defects

                Atwood has been a leading supplier of ergonomic furniture solutions in Singapore for over 30 years, and now their expertise has been expanded to the simple foldable chair. Atwood’s foldable ergonomic chair is designed to be versatile yet supportive for the user - making it perfect as an all-day chair or a comfortable option for your guests.

                Why Invest in a Foldable Ergonomic Chair?

                Ergonomic office chairs are essential to keeping your spine and back healthy throughout the day, but the same attention to detail is not often paid to the foldable chair. As foldable chairs are often used for short-term events such as presentations, meetings, or get-togethers, their ergonomic comfort has often been overlooked. However, Atwood has now created an ergonomic foldable chair that saves space and gives you greater options to play around with office arrangements.

                Flexible, Space-Saving Seating Options

                If you have a smaller space to work with or need the flexibility to rearrange your furniture, the ergonomic folding chair has a pullable design that’s easy to store and keep. The chairs can also be connected to each other with a simple ‘buckle’ feature, making it easy to set up for presentations or small events. Thus, Atwood’s foldable ergonomic chair can easily serve as a space-saving home office chair or chairs for company-wide events.

                Ergonomic “Double Back” Design from Germany

                Atwood’s foldable ergonomic chair comes with German “double back” technology that moves as you move, ensuring lower back lumbar support at all times. Each piece moves independently to adjust to the user’s needs, and every chair is padded with breathable one piece mesh for extra comfort.

                Suited for Every Occasion

                From client meetings to leisurely dinner conversations to late-night mahjong games, Atwood’s foldable ergonomic chair is perfect in every setting. Once you’ve finished it using it, simply fold it up and put it away till the next time.

                Get Your Foldable Ergonomic Chairs now

                Check out our office chairs for sale in Singapore now! You can also get in touch with us now to find out more about Atwood’s wide range of ergonomic solutions for your every need.

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