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                Ever stumbled across the term “sitting disease”? Coined by the scientific community, it addresses the negative impacts and health concerns of sitting for long periods of time. Generally associated with less energy, reduced productivity, possibly lasting damage to our bodies, excessive amounts of sitting can affect even the most active of individuals. To mitigate the devastating implications of working at a desk, standing desks, also known as adjustable workstations, are worth considering.

                Why Opt for an Office Adjustable Standing Desk?

                As mentioned, any extended sitting can be harmful. Allowing you to work at your desk while standing up, a sit-stand office desk supports the efficient split between seated and standing positions throughout your working hours. Manufactured with adjustable configurations, this ingenious innovation is a desk that can do it all.

                Ensuring you don’t feel any strain on your back or neck, a standing desk converter is designed with an ergonomic adjustable height. Staying perched from 9 to 5 on your chair all day will be a thing of the past as you can conveniently reap the benefits of an adjustable workstation whenever you please. Here are a few of the benefits that a standing desk converter offers employees and workers alike:

                1. Optimal comfort as pressure placed on the neck, shoulder, and back is reduced

                2. Improved productivity, mood and energy levels

                3. Lowers risk of weight gain and heart disease

                Upgrade Your Workspace with a Sit-Stand Office Desk

                Aiming to distribute ergonomic office solutions that have a positive influence on overall well-being, Atwood offers a range of sit-stand office desks for your perusal. You can also pair your convertible standing desk with an ergonomic desk chair for maximum comfort while working. With over 30 years of experience, you can rest assured that our extensive catalogue of office chairs for sale in Singapore will directly resolve all your office space concerns. Browse our selection of adjustable standing desks and take your pick today. For more information on the accreditation of our standing desks or delivery details in Singapore, feel free to contact us.

                Frequently Asked Questions About Sit-Stand Office Desks

                1. Is a standing desk better than a sitting desk?

                Standing desks are being increasingly endorsed by offices around the world as the harmful effects of sitting for prolonged hours in an office chair are more widely known. Office chairs with support can help mitigate this issue, but pairing it with a sit-stand desk will give you the necessary break to split your work hours between sitting and standing desks. Compared to sitting desks, standing desks also offer greater flexibility and freedom of movement. 

                2. Where can I buy a standing desk for my office in Singapore?

                If you are looking for specially designed sit-stand office desks or standing desk convertor in Singapore, Atwood is your one-stop solution. On our online store, you’ll find ergonomically-designed sit-stand office desks which you can customise according to your height and your work habits. For added style, you can combine your standing desk with an ergonomic office leather chair for superb comfort and maximum productivity at the office.

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