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                Best Office Chairs With Back & Lumbar Support in Singapore (23)

                Bogart E8902 Twinback Matrex USA Patent Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair (5 Years Limited Warranty)

                5 Years Warranty on Manufacturer Defects

                Macon P1901 MATREX USA Patent Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair with Seat Depth Mechanism (2 Years Limited Warranty)

                2 Year Warranty on Manufacturer Defects

                [Add on fabric cover only] Original Orthoback Back Support Lumbar Support with Patent


                Ergohealth Pro Mesh Backrest Mesh Seat Ergonomic Office Chair (2 Years Limited Warranty)

                2 Years Warranty on Manufacturer Defects

                Medwin E8515 Twinback Matrex USA Patent Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair (5 Years Limited Warranty)

                5 Year Warranty on Manufacturer Defects

                *FREE GIFT* Sihoo Doro S300 Dark Grey Mesh Black Frame Ergonomic Office Chair with Legrest (5 Years Limited Warranty)


                Whether you’re still working from home or headed back to the office, finding a good office chair with back support is essential to keeping yourself comfortable throughout the day. Atwood’s range of orthopaedic office chairs are known for providing the ultimate lower back support and lumbar support so you can do your best work without any aches or pains.

                Benefits of Using Orthopaedic Office Chairs With Support

                Lower back pain is an increasingly common problem amongst working adults. It can cause long-lasting chronic pain and other injuries if not prevented or treated early. Orthopaedic office chairs allow you to keep a comfortable and relaxed posture throughout the day, making them the best office chairs for avoiding all sorts of back pain. Finding a suitable office chair with back and lumbar support is the first step to creating a comfortable workstation.

                Variety of Office Chairs for Back & Lumbar Support

                Atwood’s wide range of office chairs with back and lumbar support come in many different sleek and classic designs. 

                If you’re looking for a cooling chair with support, explore our range of mesh chairs. Under this range, the Boris Mid-Back Matrex USA Patent Mesh Chair is extremely popular. It is padded with a lightweight, cooling mesh throughout, so you won’t break a sweat after a hard day’s work. The chair’s backrest also gives ample lower back support that helps to relieve aches and pains.

                If you’re looking for chairs with headrests, try out our Ergohealth Orthoseries Plus Mesh Backrest Fabric Seat Ergonomic Chair. The headrest gives you that additional neck, shoulder, and spinal support - a must-have for anyone who works with computers or multiple screens. Similarly, the airy mesh backrest keeps you comfortable no matter the weather. 

                If you frequently travel or are constantly on the go, consider a portable lumbar support. This handy device straps onto your chair and provides much-needed support for your lower back, helping you stay more comfortable and productive all day long. Further jazz up your lumbar support with add-on fabric covers for a stylish design.

                Take Your Workstation to the Next Level with Atwood

                Atwood has over 30 years of experience in office solutions to keep you safe and healthy while you work. We specialise in orthopaedic office chairs, including ergonomic chairs, mesh chairs, fabric chairs, and leather chairs. They can help you maintain good posture and easy movement, taking the pressure off your shoulders so you can work and play pain-free. Contact us today to find out more about our best office chairs with support in Singapore.


                Frequently Asked Questions About Chair Headrest

                1. What are the benefits of headrests on office chairs?

                Headrests are an integral part of an office chair. When you sit for long hours working, your back and neck need adequate support to be able to function comfortably. An ideal office chair should be ergonomically designed to offer you maximum ease of movement and support for your lumbar muscles. Headrests are thus necessary to provide support to your neck to avoid discomfort and pain.

                2. What features should I look for in an office chair?

                Comfort and functionality are the main aspects you should look for when buying an office chair. One key feature you should be looking out for is the presence of a headrest. The headrest should be adjustable in terms of  height, and tilt to suit your individual needs. It should be sturdy enough to give your neck and head proper support but comfortable enough so that you can work without provoking any pain in your neck or shoulders.

                3. Where can I find the best office chairs with lumbar support?

                For the orthopaedic office chairs with headrests or ergonomic chairs with lower back and lumbar support, shop with us at Atwood. We are a specialist office chair shop in Singapore offering a vast range of ergonomic office chairs designed for comfortable and pain-free long work days at the office or home.

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