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                Best Ergonomic Office Desk Chairs in Singapore (76)

                Ergohuman Elite 2 Matrex USA Patent Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair Without Legrest (10 Years Limited Warranty)


                Ergohuman Elite 2 Matrex USA Patent Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair With Legrest (10 Years Limited Warranty)


                Happy Wings Ergonomic Grey OrthoBack Kids Chair (1 Year Limited Warranty)

                1 Year Warranty on Manufacturer Defects

                *FREE GIFT* Sihoo M88 Two-In-One Ergonomic Office and Resting Chair (3 Years Limited Warranty)

                3 Years Warranty on Manufacturer Defects

                Ergohealth Pro Mesh Backrest Mesh Seat Ergonomic Office Chair (2 Years Limited Warranty)

                2 Years Warranty on Manufacturer Defects

                [Pre-Order] *FREE GIFT* Sihoo M16 Ergonomic Office Chair with Headrest (1 Year Limited Warranty) [Deliver from 5th August]

                1 Year Warranty on Manufacturer Defects

                *FREE GIFT* Sihoo Doro C300 Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair With Legrest (5 Years Limited Warranty)


                Progress Health OrthoSeries IV Black Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair (2 Years Limited Warranty)

                2 Years Warranty on Manufacturer Defects

                Spending the whole day at your desk no longer has to mean inevitable backaches and neck pain. Finding the best ergonomic chairs is easy with Atwood’s top-of-the-range ergonomic office chairs. Fitted with various features to ensure lower back and lumbar support, our ergonomic desk chairs are perfect for any office, study room, or gaming setup in Singapore. If you’re picking out office chairs with support for your home or office, you can choose from a range of designer office chairs with fabric or leather finish to match your decor. With more people setting up home offices, Atwood’s ergonomic chairs help make Work-From-Home a pain-free process too.

                Why Atwood Provides the Best Ergonomic Computer Chairs 

                When looking for an ergonomic chair, prioritise those with lower back and lumbar support so that your spine doesn’t suffer when you sit at your desk all day, such as the Progress Health OrthoSeries VI Black Fabric or the Progress Health OrthoSeries III Cushioned Chair. Atwood’s home ergonomic computer chairs have strong yet flexible backs that move with you to ensure support throughout the day.

                Adjustable back tilt and armrest functions let you customise your chairs to suit your body in every situation, reducing pressure and strain on your back and spine. Selected ergonomic office chairs like the Bogart E8902 High Back with Lumbar Support MATREX USA Patent Mesh Chair  have adjustable headrests for greater customisable support. 

                Certain chairs like the Ergohuman Plus Elite Black Mesh Chair with Legrest and Sihoo M18 Ergonomic Fabric Office Chair with Legrest even comes with leg rests as well for extra support when you’re spending long hours at your desk - perfect for dedicated gamers and hardworking students alike. 

                For those without much space at home, a simple and compact ergonomic chair works too, such as the Healing Chair E1538 - Ortho Back Folding Chair

                Get the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in Singapore Now

                Atwood has been a trusted ergonomic chair company in Singapore for over 30 years, specialising in ergonomic furniture to support your every need. Our chairs are fitted with durable one-piece mould frames and SGS-certified heavy-duty bases to guarantee you long-lasting, quality furniture that will stand the test of time. Pairing ergonomic comfort and chic design with affordable prices, your home office has never looked this good before. Reach out to us now for more information about our ergonomic chairs for homes and offices.

                Frequently Asked Questions About Ergonomic Chairs

                1. What is the difference between an ergonomic chair and an office chair?

                Ergonomic means ‘designed for comfort and efficiency’, and ergonomic office chairs do just that. They are specially designed to give the user utmost comfort while working in the office. Unlike typical office chairs, ergonomic chairs can be easily adjusted to suit the height, sitting angle, and working style of individual users. Ergonomic chairs provide lumbar support to ensure the users don’t suffer from backaches. 

                2. Which is the best ergonomic chair?

                It would depend on your individual needs. However, there are several key features to look out for when buying an ergonomic desk chair. Some of these include adjustable height, seat depth and width, lumbar support, and a backrest. A high-quality ergonomic office chair should be designed to maximise your comfort with the use of breathable fabric such as mesh. Lastly, shopping with a reputed office chair supplier like Atwoody will ensure that you find a high-quality ergonomic office chair that’s a perfect fit for you.

                3. Are ergonomic office chairs good?

                Yes, they are! An ergonomic office chair offers you sufficient lumbar and lower back support - areas which are most susceptible to discomfort after sitting for long periods at a time. Highly customisable and comfortable, ergonomic chairs  help you maintain a healthy posture while you sit and work at your desk. 

                4. Where can I buy ergonomic office chairs in Singapore?

                You will find the best range of ergonomic chairs in Singapore at Atwood. Our office chairs are designed to give you maximum lower back and lumbar support. We have the widest selection of ergonomic desk chairs and ergonomic computer chairs for offices, home offices, study rooms, and home use. We are one of Singapore’s most reputed ergonomic chair distributors, boasting a wide selection of durable, ergonomic chairs in leather, fabric, and mesh to match your specific needs.

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