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Ergonomic Office Chair vs Gaming Chair: Which Is Better for You?

by Atwood Pte Ltd on April 26, 2022

In our digital world where everyone is spending more time in front of their monitor screen, both gaming chairs and ergonomic chairs are quickly becoming hot commodities.  Generally, a good gaming chair is designed to resemble sleek sports car seats and is well-padded to provide extra comfort even with prolonged gaming.  On the other hand, ergonomic chairs are carefully engineered to provide complete support to the arms, back, head, neck and shoulders to prevent muscular disorder and postural stress that can cause permanent risk. That said, if you’re looking for an ideal chair to work and game with, choose an ergonomic office chair. Here’s why:

1. Adjustability

First and foremost, ergonomic chairs are more adjustable and provide better support than gaming chairs. Everyone’s body structure is different. When an ergonomic chair has a high level of adjustability, it simply means you can customise the chair to suit your unique body and grant you more support for long hours of sitting.

A well-made ergonomic chair allows more than height and headrest adjustment – it can also be fine-tuned to provide maximum lumbar support, added comfort with reclining functions and suit personal preferences with adaptable seat depth. Because gaming chairs don’t normally carry the same flexibility, more people who see the value of spinal and muscular support are switching from gaming chairs to ergonomic office chairs.

2. Comfort

There is no doubt that gaming chairs can provide tremendous comfort for lounging around. High-quality gaming chairs are usually larger in size and made of memory foam that is great to sink your body into, no matter what your body type.  However, they don’t necessarily take into consideration the spinal support that you need.

Ergonomic office chairs, on the other hand, are made to provide support and posture correction. For that reason, such chairs are designed with materials and features to suit those purposes. It is common to find ergonomic chairs made with light seat padding and breathable mesh backing to encourage productivity despite prolonged sitting.

3. Design

If you’re looking for a cool-looking chair, a gaming chair might be your go-to style. Such chairs have high and wingback seats, attractive colours and are larger in size to make one feel like they are sitting on a throne in a race car. If you have the space for it, a gaming chair may sound like a fun choice even though it may not suit the typical office look.

If what you need is a good office chair that blends in with your workplace or home office, an ergonomic chair would be a more sensible choice. Primarily, ergonomic chair designs have much smaller structures. Their designs and colour options are also more subtle to suit most office environments.

4. Price

When it comes to price, both gaming chairs and ergonomic chairs have very comparable price points.  Both types of chairs have entry-level prices that start from over a hundred but they can go up to over a thousand dollars depending on brand, material and functions. Before you make the investment, make a list of what you need and select either type of chair based on what best suits your intent. Because such chairs are engineered and built for specific benefits, a decent one will usually cost at least a few hundred dollars.  If you need a price gauge, just take a look at Atwood’s range of ergonomic chairs for comparison. 

Should you get an ergonomic office chair or gaming chair?

If your preference lies in sleek aesthetic designs, gaming chairs may have a wow factor at first glance.  But bear in mind that more and more users are turning to ergonomic chairs for increased performance and productivity.  This is simply because most gaming chairs don't offer the support that users need to stay focused and comfortable over a long course of gaming sessions or desk-bound work routine. If you can only pick one chair to do all the work, go for an ergonomic chair. You won’t regret it.

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