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4 Ergonomic Products You Need to Upgrade Your Home Office Right Now

by Atwood Pte Ltd on December 10, 2021

In the past, people used to pay little attention to their home office setup. Some even insist on minimum investment simply because it is the place where they’ll spend the least amount of time. However, with work-from-home becoming a norm, a well-deserved upgrade is a must to keep you productive and pain-free.

If you intend to level up that home office of yours, bear in mind that it goes beyond installing home office chairs from Singapore. Here are four essential ergonomic products that you must consider.

Ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chairs are a must-have if you’re planning to sit at your work desk for hours. These are the best office chairs for back support because they are developed with human engineering knowledge and are proficient to provide adequate support to the back, legs and arms. They also come with elbow supports to prevent strain on the neck and other adjustable features to counter awkward positions that may result in overextension of the muscles.

If you’re looking for a home office chair, make sure to look out for an ergonomic mesh office chair in Singapore because it is built with breathable material to allow users living in tropical climates to enjoy comfortable air circulation that helps the skin breathe easily.

Lumbar support

Why is lumbar support important for home office chairs in Singapore? Because the more you pay attention to lumbar support, the more you’ll feel productive and efficient at work. Good lumbar support promotes good posture by filling in the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat hence supporting the natural inward curve of the lower back. Simply put, the best office chairs in Singapore are not those that are most expensive, but those that help you work more efficiently.

Of course, not everyone is ready to invest in an ergonomic mesh office chair in Singapore. If you are one of them, consider using portable lumbar supports instead. They are good alternatives to ergonomic chairs since they help to relieve back pain and are compatible with any chair.

Adjustable standing desk

Besides having the best office chairs in Singapore, a good adjustable standing desk will also make a world of difference for your work from home experience. It is not a fad, the desk height plays a crucial part in ensuring your overall comfort while working long hours.

Desks that are too high or too low can lead to awkward postures like extended arms to reach the keyboard and raised shoulders. In the long run, they can cause muscular pain and stiffness that are hard to treat. An adjustable standing desk allows you the flexibility to stand for a part of the day, sit for part of the day, and adjust its height to reduce strains on your body.

Anti-fatigue mat

A great addition to your adjustable standing desk is the anti-fatigue mat. Place it on the floor and rest your bare feet over it the entire time while you work. The multiple massage points on the mat will gently stimulate the various acupressure points of your feet as you make natural body movements throughout the day.

What's so good about such a mat is the thick cushioning that helps to distribute the force of gravity, consequently reducing the pressure on the feet, spine and weight-bearing joints. Essentially, a good anti-fatigue mat not only takes the strain out of your body but also wakes up your tired feet, promotes blood circulation and relaxes your body and mind.


Don’t miss these four ergonomic products when setting up your home office! Just a few of these additions can quickly turn your health and posture around, and even improve your work performance by leaps and bounds. It’s well worth the investment because by switching things around at your work corner, you’ll find work a lot more pleasurable than before.

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